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Aging Sciences: 2007- present

Vince Giuliano is currently an independent longevity researcher-writer and consultant. He is a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of current longevity-related research and has developed an in-depth and dynamic grasp of the advanced areas of science involved - including cell and molecular biology, genomics, epigenomics, stem cells, metabolemics, nutritional science and age-related diseases. In 2008 he created a comprehensive online treatise ANTI-AGING FIREWALLS - THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF LONGEVITY. This treatise has the scope and length of a major book but instead is published online. There, it is updated every few weeks to keep it up with the fast pace of research developments. He is the originator of and the major writeer for the popular aging sciences blog, a worldwide resource on the latest states of the sciences involved in aging. Started in early 2009, the blog now contains over 400 substantive articles written by Vince and related to the sciences of aging. An average of 3,200 people visit and read this blog daily and it has an estimated following of over 25,000 people worldwide. Dr Giuliano has appeared in the recent film To Age or Not to Age and is involved in additional aging-related film and video projects. He engages in consulting projects related to products and services that enable long, healthy and productive lives. And he speaks at scientific conferences as an invited lecturer.

Electronic Publishing Group: 1994 - 2007

Dr. Giuliano has been a Principal in the Electronic Publishing Group, a small US research and consulting organization focused on international projects, and specializing in the application of information technologies and electronic networking to expand and then achieve the strategic objectives of his client organizations. He has supervised projects for large media, investment, and technology companies in the US, Spain, Brazil and Venezuela, assisting marketplace-leading. companies in framing and then implementing their Internet-related and e-commerce strategies. From 2000 through 2002, his organization was involved in the creation of SimVenture, a software tools company. The software helps large media companies anaylze their strategic options both in their traditional businesses and on the Internet.

Times Mirror, Co.: Senior VP and Chief Scientist of Mirror Systems: 1983 1993

Participated from start-up in October 1983 to build a company to 85 employees with approximately $6 million budget in 1990. Mirror Systems served as the software technology R&D arm for Times Mirror, a $3.5 billion conglomerate of publishing companies. It also provided consultative services to Times Mirror companies related to their information technology strategies. Mirror Systems produced electronic publishing software systems and optical-media based training systems. Responsibilities at various times included all aspects of company operations.

Arthur D. Little, Inc. Senior Professional Staff (1971-1983); In Charge of the Organizational Communications Technology Group (1979-1983)

Responsible for major consulting projects related to organizational development, publishing and information management. Clients of projects supervised by Vince included major international publishing houses, large banks, public utility companies, trade associations, the UN, computer manufacturers, online service companies, professional associations, US, Egyptian, Dutch, Iranian, Italian government and international agencies, and major businesses and trade associations in Europe and the Middle East. International work included projects in Iran, Egypt, Holland, Germany, and Italy.

State University of New York at Buffalo: Founding Dean of the School of Information and Library Studies, Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Information Research: 1967-1971

Responsible for getting the school up and running, in stable operation, and viable in the university community. Responsibilities included defining programs and curricula, hiring staff, budget justification, recruiting students, academic leadership, and obtaining full accreditation. The Institute for Information Research provided technical information services to over a hundred industrial subscribers in New York and bordering states. The School of Information and Library studies is now one of the largest schools of its kind in the world


Received Doctorate in applied physics from Harvard University. Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Michigan.

Besides over 350 substantive blog entries relating to the life sciences, Vince has produced over 300 printed articles and books, and media presentations including two published DVDs. He has published aticles in popular publications like TIME Magazine, Forbes, and Scientific American. He has hosted a series of online forums for the New York Times Online. And he has been a frequent presenter at international conferences.

Vince has also pursued electronic art, screenwriting, electronic music and video production.

Over the years Vince played key roles in the computer revolution and in the commercialization of Internet. Has been listed in several biographies, including American Men of Science, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in The World. He has participated in various government panels, including White House conferences.. A search on Vincent E. Giuliano in Google Books will reveal many of his past accomplishments.

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Vincent E. Giuliano, Ph.D.


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